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Our Creative Process

Our Design Journey

At Hyperbole Accessories, our jewelry design journey commences with an inspired vision. Drawing from nature's allure, architectural marvels, and our captivating travel narratives, our jewelry creations are imbued with a unique narrative. Rooted in our South Asian heritage, particularly from India, our designs pay homage to cultural elements that define our identity.

Sketches serve as the canvas for our jewelry ideas, meticulously illustrating scale, shape, and intricate details. Each stroke breathes life into our concepts, guiding us towards a definitive direction. As the sketches evolve, they pave the way for detailed renderings, and for pieces incorporating gemstones, sourcing aligns seamlessly with our vision.

Collaborating closely with skilled artisans, we bring our jewelry designs to life, crafting each sample piece with precision and passion. Join us on our journey as we marry inspiration with craftsmanship, creating jewelry that resonates with beauty, culture, and authenticity.

Storytelling with Gemstones

Discover the allure of our jewelry, adorned with 100% natural gemstones sourced ethically from Khambhat, Jaipur (India), and Santa Fe (New Mexico). Embrace the uniqueness of each stone, as no two are alike, mirroring the individuality of our wearers

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of Khambhat's skilled artisans through our agate stone collection. The captivating color patterns and banding of this translucent gemstone showcase their talent, transcending jewelry to become prized additions in our limited edition collections.

Handmade with Love

At Hyperbole Accessories, our jewelry is handcrafted in India and USA. Our skilled artisans meticulously craft all textures in-house, showcasing their exceptional talent. We're dedicated to providing a platform for artisans to exhibit their skills and uphold the rich tradition of jewelry making techniques passed down through generations in India.

We prioritize quality and sustainability in our materials selection process. Committed to conscious production, we utilize premium materials such as brass and sterling silver, striving for the highest standards. Embracing sustainability, we integrate recycled materials wherever possible, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Any production waste is recycled, repurposed into new cast pieces, completing the cycle of responsible craftsmanship.

Making a Difference Together

A percentage of our sales are donated towards
sponsoring primary and secondary education
to underpriviledged girls across India.

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